We aim to combine our long experience in the luxury industry with our understanding of the local consumers and the newest technology to ensure a flawless delivery of branded merchandise to the customer’s doorsteps.


We want to position ourselves as the leading regional trader of luxury watches & accessories. Our mission is to enhance lifestyles, influence and educate the local market about the value of investing in quality fashion brands.

Rising Player on the

Middle East Luxury Market


01. Integrity

We don’t offer products we wouldn’t wear ourselves. Our selections guarantee quality & durability

02. Respect

We abide by international regulations and stand by our suppliers in the fight against counterfeit merchandise

03. Accountability

We honour the patents, trademarks, contracts & all trail all paperwork originated during the trading process

04. Transparency

Our transactions and relationships are founded on honesty towards our clients and partner brands

05. Passion

We care to enrich the lives of our customers and provide value to our suppliers on the regional market

06. Customer Service

We strive to provide seamless service and delight our customers by constantly improving